Are You Choosing the Right LED for your Residential or Commercial Space?

Are You Choosing the Right LED for your Residential or Commercial Space?

Are You Choosing the Right LED for your Residential or Commercial Space?

If you are quality conscious and also looking for cost-saving then everyone who is even remotely aware of lighting solutions will come up with LED as the answer. But are all LEDs the same? How do you ensure that you have chosen the right LED lighting for your home or office?

While you are in process of doing up your home interiors or creating your office space then choosing LED over traditional incandescent bulbs or CFL is definitely the right thing. The LED market in India has grown tremendously in the past decade. You do a simple search for ‘LED manufacturers in Delhi NCR’ and a long list will be available to you in no time. But with the numerous alternatives available in the market it is essential to be aware of certain points to ensure you get optimum results from the chosen product.

We at Ledure Lightings Limited are happy to help. The key is to know what to look for in the details because LEDs are manufactured with a different technology from the traditional lighting solutions which have been around for many years

Look for Lumens: In a traditional lighting solution watts were the deciding factor for brightness but in LEDs the measure is Lumens. At Ledure Lightings Limited we have a range of LED lighting solutions ranging from 600 to 1890 Lumens for residential purpose and 2120 to 4500 Lumens for commercial space for fall/ceiling lights segment alone.

Many have the misconception that brightness is directly related to wattage but that is not the case with LED because they are designed to consume less power (watts) and hence when trying to find out how much light a particular LED emits, Look for Lumens!

Choice of Colour: The colour temperature of an LED is another section where a wide range is available for custom usage. To know whether the LED fixture will create a warm effect or a cool blue hue one needs to check the Kelvins. The higher the Kelvin value the cooler the colour temperature. Ledure Lightings Limited have a varied portfolio of products available in Delhi NCR and across India for you to choose from a spectrum of hues in yellows and whites are available to choose from depending on whether the space to be illuminated is residential or commercial.

At Ledure Lightings we manufacture a range of LED bulbs, panels and fixtures at our factory in Delhi NCR keeping in mind individual choices from warm white to cool daylight (3000k to 6000k).

Efficiency Quotient: The keyword to while choosing the perfect LED lighting solution for your home or office. The lighting solution you choose should be both cost-efficient as well as energy-efficient. With more emphasis being given to energy efficiency especially in commercial building segments it is essential that the customer focuses on both factors. All details are mentioned in the package, but you should know the right one to choose depending on the function of light in your space.

Check for the Lumens per watt and find out the Lumens per Rupee of the product and you have an easy answer. A higher value of Lumens per watt indicates more light is produced and less power is wasted on heat. A look at the Ledure LED products details will give an idea of our focus on the Lumens per watt value of our products. Ranging from ceiling lights to zoom lights our customers are showered with a variety of LED bulbs and panels to choose from in accordance with their space requirements. The in-house manufacturing of electronic drivers and heat sinks at our LED manufacturing facility in Noida ensures the quality and energy efficiency of our lighting systems thus making Ledure among the topmost brands chosen in Delhi NCR.

The next time you are out for LED shopping check the label on the package and choose the right LED for your home and office.

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