Trending LEDs – Your First Smart Step towards Lighting Choices!

Trending LEDs – Your First Smart Step towards Lighting Choices!

Remember the yellow bulbs that gave a dull yellow lamination and partially lit up a room with a requirement of three times the illumination. Then come the choke driven tube lights, they were better but not long-lasting and often a victim of drastic voltage fluctuations. Our lighting demands have come a long way and in the past decade, LEDs have emerged as the answer to all our lighting needs be it our homes, offices or industries.

Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs as we know them are not just alighting solutions but are used in many electronic and electrical devices like your television, watches etc. But its maximum usage is in the form of a lighting solution because this small yet highly technical solution is cost-effective, durable and energy-efficient. But most of us by now know this.

But do you know that LED lights are versatile too? Yes, it is the very reason why LED lights are now an integral part of an interior designer’s portfolio.

  • Not Just the Room, LEDs are for illuminating spaces: 

No more are the days for one incandescent light for one room, LEDs are about highlighting spaces. Got that beautiful masterpiece to adorn your living room corner, get a focus light to show off its intricate design. Ledure Lightings has a choice of products that can be used for focus illumination like the Ultra Slim Series, Cob Series or the Master Spot Lamp. Photograph collage of your little one on the wall; shower it with the glow of Ledure Track Lights and enjoy the smiles.

  • Your Wardrobe Needs a Light Too

Be it the perfect designer jacket or Mom’s original Banarsi sari, a little glow in your wardrobe will create the perfect dresser ambience like never before. Ledure’s Strip Lights are long-lasting just like Mom’s wedding saris and can highlight your wardrobe interiors without taking up and shelf or wall space. Easy to stick on any surface, these strip lights can be used for your wardrobes, kitchen shelves, bar units and crockery units.

  • Outdoors is the place to be

Add to your reputation as the perfect host by throwing a garden party. Light the place up with LED lights. Most of the LEDs are sustainable and easily work even in harsh weather conditions. So if it is a midsummer night’s party or a winter barbeque, do not shy away from organizing an outdoor event due to lighting concerns. Invest in the right LED system which works in all weather conditions. Ledure Bollard and Spike series is just the right choice for your commercial or residential outdoor spaces. So whether you are opening up that dream open-air café or planning a garden space for your weekend barbeque, LEDs are the right lighting choice.

  • Keeping it Natural

Indoor plants and eco-friendly products are the trend and necessity of our times. LEDs are living up to the current trend. These environment-friendly lighting solutions are also apt when you look for more natural light illuminating your spaces. Available in natural tones, LEDs are a better alternative for keeping a natural and positive ambience at your home or workplace. Ledure LEDs are available in colour temperatures of 3000K to 6000K, thereby giving you a choice of tones ranging from warm white to cool daylight.

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